Scholarship program of dvv international and Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi

The project "Non formal Masters Program in Arts for socially vulnerable and disabled young people" was initiated by dvv international in September 2012 and implemented in partnership with the Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi.

The aim of the project is to enable young people to fully develop their creative potential and continue studies in the field of their interest.

In the framework of the project 10 disadvantaged young persons from Tbilisi and regions received scholarships to cover costs of one of the selected courses, namely Mediation in Art; Sound Art; Photo Art; 2D Art (Conceptual Painting); Video Art. Studies started in October 2012 and will be continued over a period of 2013.

Educational programme developed by the Centre of Contemporary Art, its structure and methods are unique for Georgia. It provides beneficiaries with opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience by constant interaction with the local and international artists. Furthermore, the programme supports students in their attempts to discover their quest for inspiration and become active participants of modern art process. CCA educational program curator is an Austrian artist Katarina Stadler.

During 9 months beneficiaries attend workshops leaded by local and international artists. In addition they are given possibility to participate in exhibitions organized by the CCA and present their works to colleagues and broad public, e.g. in October students were actively involved in First Tbilisi Triennial "Offside Effect" where artist from all over the world participated.

Besides the subjects specific for each of the mentioned specialties, all the students undergo studies in Creative Projects Management, Iconography, Conceptual Arts. Once a week programme participants attend lectures in Bio-farming in relation with Art Praxis.

In December 2012 the Annual exhibition has been conducted with participation of the course beneficiaries, general public and potential employers who might be interested in proposing job to programme beneficiaries.