Media-project: Radio program “Everything about Adult Education”

From the very beginning of dvv international mission in Caucasus the popularization of the idea of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning has been one of its most important tasks in Georgia and other countries in the region. After accomplishing a one-year cycle of radio-programmes offering valuable information and recommendations from the field of further education, dvv international Georgia continues its radio-project in 2013. Twice every month two radio hosts from dvv international present different guests on Radiokalaki, FM 101.9 - renowned, successful, competent persons from different fields, having experience in adult learning, to discuss various topics and problems, share knowledge and experience with interested audience. Listeners can call during the broadcastings and get answers on their questions from the invited guests. Depending on the topic of the session conversations can be more informative or interactive. Experts give input, answer questions, give recommendations.

Audio-recordings of the programs are being published on the website of dvv international: and on the facebook-page of the program: FB Everything about Adult Education, where users also can leave their comments, give feedback and express their wishes regarding topics to be discussed and persons they would like to listen to in next broadcasting.

This year already two guests were hosted by the program: Levan Zardalishvili, psychologist and psychotherapist from Prague scientifically proved that it is very effective to learn in mature age - latest findings have proven that our brain becomes most active at the age of 50 and grows further till 70-75, under one condition - if we are learning whole life long. Matthias Klingenberg, dvv international Regional Director for Caucasus and Turkey reported about the situation in Adult Education in the region from the beginning of the dvv international projects, gave interesting insights in the field and made a recommendation for the whole South Caucasus region - not to focus only on one country but to work on strengthening regional integration, as there is only one way to success and more democracy - going this way together with your neighbors.