Adult Learner's Week 10-18 November 2005

The Week was organized by the German Adult Education Association Project Office Tbilisi / Georgia (dvv international) and Adult Education Association of Georgia (AEAG) with IOM International Organization for Migration and CTC Centre for Training and Consultancy .

In October 2002 with the initiative of dvv international (former IIZ/DVV) Representation, the first time in Georgia, Adult Learners' Days were held with the slogan "Lifelong Learning". The next year this event turned into a festival, the central event of which was the first exposition of Organizations of Non-formal Adult Education. In the framework of the exposition open classes, seminars and a variety of presentations were organized on different educational topics. The cultural program of the festival was also very interesting. All in all, the number of participants was 3000. Adult education organizers from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Germany also participated in the festival.

In 2004 the major event of Adult Education was an international conference "Adult Education and Life-long Learning in the South Caucasus: Status Quo and Development Prospects", held in June. More than 120 specialists from 12 countries participated in the Conference organized with the financial support of UNESCO Institute for Education (Hamburg) and OSGF.

This conference became an important incentive for the Georgian Adult Education Organizations. In November 2004 they established the Adult Education Association of Georgia (AEAG). Since 2005 the Association has been a major partner of IIZ/DVV and a plenipotentiary co-organizer of the Week.

Adult Learners' Week 2005

The main goals of Adult Learners' Week 2005 in Georgia were:

  • Popularization of learning in wide circles of the society, as a continuous process, concurrent with life;
  • Presentation of various possibilities of getting (non-formal) education for adults;
  • Getting familiar with European topical discussions of the concept of "Life-long learning";
  • Acknowledgement of the importance of adult education by the society for the realization of the concept of "active citizenship";
  • Presentation of the role of adult education in overcoming poverty and reintegration of socially vulnerable groups (IDPs, disabled persons etc.), returning back migrants etc. in the society;
  • Advocating the problems of adult education and initiation of public discussions on these issues;
  • Stressing the importance of increasing investment in human resource development (by the state, employers, self-governments and others) as a significant factor for increasing employment potential of the population and removing pressure from the outbound migration;
  • Widening the Georgian network of adult education institutions and facilitation of cooperation between these institutions;
  • Presentation/popularization of modern adult learning methods;
  • Facilitation of international cooperation in the issues of adult education.

In the framework of 2005 Week three topics were stressed:

  • Adult education and active citizenship;
  • Development programs and adult education;
  • Adult education and national education and employment policies.

Accordingly, all the events of the Week were organized concerning the above three issues.

List of planned activities within the week:

- official opening of the week - In Goethe-Institute;
- Press Conference;
- Presentations of various projects of Adult Education;
- Open classes for adults;
- Open classes in the Adult Education Centers;
- literary soirees in Tbilisi and regions;
- Round Table Thematic Discussions;
- CTC Conference on Non-formal Education of Adults;
- Presentations by the invited foreign guests (Latvia, Lithuania);
- Two day Workshop By the Invited Expert from the Czech Republic;
- Introduction of the draft of the Concept on Adult Education;
- Educational grants programme;
- Prize Awarding Ceremony.

Holding Adult Learners' weeks is not a new idea. The first national Adult Learners' Week in the world was held in the USA in late 1980s. Since 1992 such events take part annually in GB as well.

UNESCO Conference held in Hamburg in 1997 (CONFINTEA V) significantly facilitated the establishment of tradition of Adult Learners' Weeks. The next year after the conference the number of countries holding such weeks significantly increased. Today Adult Learners' Weeks are held annually in about 50 countries all over the world. The aim of these weeks is to draw the attention of the general public to the concept of Life-long Learning.

In a number of countries of Eastern Europe (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Ukraine) the representations of IIZ/DVV are initiators and coordinators of National Adult Learners' Weeks.



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