Professional Exhibition for Employment

The Community Education Centers which were established with the support of DVV International Georgia participated in an exhibition “Professional Education for Employment.” The event was organized by the ministry of Education and Science of Georgia on April 8, 2014. Vocational education organizations from various regions of Georgia were presented on the exhibition. The visitors of the exhibition had an opportunity to meet the representatives of the vocational colleges and receive comprehensive information about their activities.

 Koda, Shaumiani, Senaki and Jvari Community Education and Leliani Adult Education centers were presented at the exhibition. All of the above written centers were established by the support of DVV International and now implement the adult educational projects independently. The handmade subjects which were created by the beneficiaries of the centers were presented at the event. Subjects that were displayed on the exhibition were made of wood, felt, enamel, etc. The variety of the subjects represented the multiplicity of the courses that are offered by the centers.

The exhibition was visited mostly by the high school pupils from Tbilisi as well as from other regions of Georgia. Visitors expressed their interests in the activities and the courses of the centers. The triplets containing the information about the centers were spread among the visitors of the exhibition, so that they could contact the centers directly.