"Explore and Protect" – International Day on Monuments and Sites in Tbilisi

On the International Day on Monuments and Sites an educational event "Cultural Heritage - Explore and Protect" was held in Tbilisi in the framework of the project: SOS Culture. Revival of Forgotten Cultural Assets in the Armenian and Georgian Border Regions.

Young members of Koda, Bolnisi, Dmanisi and Shaumiani youth clubs - Georgians, Armenians, Azeri’s disseminated booklets at "Freedom Square", "Rustaveli" and "Marjanishvili" subway stations and tried to attract the attention of passersby. They offered them maps with Christian, Islamic and Gregorian well-known or not so famous sights, told them about the current situation of monuments and reminded the society of importance of the cultural heritage. 

They are involved in the"SOS - Culture" project in the framework of the EU Eastern Partnership program more than a year. Aim of the project is to explore abandoned and forgotten cultural monuments in border regions of Armenia and Georgia, to gather information about them and to care for their protection. Participants have already visited a number of sites in Kvemo Kartli, and sufficient information is collected. In the framework of the project they also have trainings which help them to understand the significance of cultural heritage, importance of its protection and its meaning in history and for future generations.

George Jiqia, "SOS - Culture" project coordinator: "The event aims to raise public awareness on known or unknown cultural monuments of the community, which are particularly in need of attention and preservation. With this action we want to remind people that there is a cultural heritage that belongs to all of us and that we should preserve and take care. "

Irma Zurabashvili, Bolnisi Youth Club Coordinator: passers-by listen with great interest to our group members, they are especially interested in little-known temples, ask questions on their location and condition... They approve such efforts from young people and express their opinion, they agree that all the monuments are our cultural heritage and need proper care and preservation.

Lucy Dostibegiani, a member of Koda Youth Club: A lot of people have stopped and expressed interest in our campaign, including foreigners ... We told them about our project and goals and gave them maps. Foreigners were surprised, that we were doing it for free ... Many citizens have expressed their opinions and attitudes, and promised to share information with their family members and to visit mapped temples in the future...